Natural Treatments for Bile Reflux

Natural Treatments For Bile Reflux

When looking for relief from bile reflux, intense sufferers will do just about anything to reduce their symptoms.  Doctors tend to warn that there aren’t a whole lot of diet and lifestyle changes that reliably decrease discomfort or resolve the problem entirely.  Those interested in natural treatments and alternative medicine don’t always agree, and there are some options that you may be interested in trying.

Keep in mind that many times, bile reflux is accompanied by acid reflux, too.  For some patients, reducing the symptoms of the acid reflux may be simpler and help to bring about some of the relief they were seeking in the first place.  Natural treatments for both bile reflux and acid reflux can offer some help to those who are ailing.

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While these may not be considered “home remedies,” some of the best diet changes that can affect your bile reflux or acid reflux positively include:

  • Eat smaller meals at more frequent intervals.  Larger meals put more pressure on the sphincters and valves of the digestive system, so eating lighter at meal time can reduce the chances of reflux due to pressure in these areas.
  • Avoid reclining after a meal.  It’s recommended to wait at least two or three hours after a meal before lying down.  This gives the food an opportunity to work past the pyloric valve.  The food is then able to pass through the pyloric valve without having gravity work against it to help bile reflux into the stomach.
  • Know what foods to avoid.  There are some foods that will typically cause distress to those with bile reflux or acid reflux, and avoiding them can help reduce symptoms.  Fatty foods are especially difficult for those with bile reflux since the fats trigger the release of bile from the gallbladder.  Other problem foods often include: caffeine, carbonated drinks, spicy foods, mint, citrus, and onions.
  • Limit your alcohol intake.  Alcohol can play a major role in acid and bile refluxing into the esophagus because it relaxes the lower esophageal sphincter.

Some lifestyle changes that work as natural treatments for bile reflux include:

  • Raise the head of your bed about six inches to help keep bile and acid from refluxing.  The entire head of the bed needs to be raised, as simply using extra pillows doesn’t seem to offer the relief desired.
  • Reduce stress in your life.  This can mean getting rid of things that cause you trouble or adding some relaxation exercises (such as deep breathing, meditation, or hypnosis) to your daily regimen.  Stress slows down your digestion, which is a big cause of reflux.  Relaxing is a natural treatment that keeps things moving normally and reduces your symptoms.
  • Stop smoking.  Smoking causes extra grief for someone dealing with acid reflux because it increases the production of stomach acid and reduces the protective fluid within the esophagus.
  • Make a point to lose some weight if needed.  Extra weight puts pressure on your digestive organs, which can lead to problems with reflux.  Losing weight has the added bonus of integrating other bile reflux remedies such as eating more healthfully and getting stress-busting exercise.

Each of these suggestions offers a natural treatment option for dealing with bile reflux and acid reflux, and when used together, they may resolve your issues altogether.  Because bile reflux and acid reflux do have potential for very dangerous outcomes, it’s still a good idea to follow up with your doctor to ensure your problem has been treated appropriately.

The Bile Reflux SolutionThe Bile Reflux Solution

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And also, it is much easier to implement and use, without using medications.

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