The Bile Reflux Solution

“You’re About To Discover The Exact Step-By-Step Process I Used To Finally Put An End To My Horribly Painful Bile Reflux In Only a Few Short Weeks…”

And I Did It Without Expensive Medications or Invasive Surgeries

[This Is a Common Sense Approach For Men, Women and People of All Ages]

Hi, my name is Kathy Stenson…

For many VERY long and painful years, I fought the battle with bile reflux and related gastritis.

All of it began about 12 months after I had my gallbladder removed. At first, I started to have basic symptoms of acid reflux.

I’m sure you know the symptoms all to well…

· The burning pain in the pit of the stomach or esophagus…

· The loss of appetite or the fear of eating certain foods…

· The lack of energy and feelings of depression…

· The cramping of your gut or even nausea

Everyday it seemed like I had one symptom or another. Most days I had more than one. But what bothered me the MOST was the constant burning and pain. I literally felt like my stomach was full of acid that was eating a hole in my stomach.

The Seemingly Endless Journey Down Medication Lane…

When I started to have a lot of pain, I began my journey of seeing one gastro doctor after another.

I tried all types of medications, like Prilosec, Pepcid AC, Zegrid, Aciphex and Zantac.

I even tried random alternative treatments like acupuncture, herbal therapy, different types of “soothing” teas…and NOTHING worked.

I even had the dreaded Sphincterotomy. This was after a doctor thought I was suffering with Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction (he was wrong!).

Long story short: I felt stuck. I felt frustrated. I felt depressed.

But most of all…I was sick and tired of being in PAIN.”

This gut pain was not only causing pain and havoc in my body, but it was also doing the same in my everyday life.

As you know, when you feel lousy with stomach pain, all you want to do is hide away in your home, avoid people and activities, and “baby” your pain.

Having something chronic like this sucks the life right out of you. I know it did for me, and I’m sure it’s doing the same for you right now.

I remember having absolutely NO personal life…

I had to cut out foods I once loved (Yes, including my favorite deep-dish pizza), I canceled events with my closest friends (making me feel guilty), my sex life plummeted (along with my energy and libido), and I just barely made it through my workdays.

It was miserable.

But just when I was nearly at my rock bottom, I knew I had only 2 choices…

I could continue down this horrible path of pain and most likely only get worse, or I could become proactive about my health and at least try to figure something that might work.

That’s when I began to do a lot of studying about digestion, the mind-body, stress, and even biology. What I discovered was actually pretty mind-blowing.

After a LOT of trial and error, I began to realize that the solution to ending my pain had to do with something much deeper and broader then simply focusing STRICTLY on the acid and bile in my stomach (although that was one aspect).

In fact, when you’re dealing with bile reflux, it’s NOT the same as typical acid reflux…

If it were that simple, a few weeks or months on a good acid medication would resolve the issues. But when you’re dealing with bile reflux, bile is another component that has to be dealt with.

The real secret is taking a more “whole-istic” approach to everything that’s going on in your body.

My “3-Legged Stool” Approach To Beating Bile Reflux

The real trick for me ending my battle with bile reflux came down to 3 ESSENTIAL things. I like to refer to this as my 3-legged stool approach to beating bile reflux.

What I discovered about bile reflux that taking medications was only a ‘Band-Aid’ type of approach. It was simply focusing on SYMPTOM RELIEF vs. actually resolving the core cause of the problem.

What I also discovered was that there were multiple things going on at once that were not only fueling my bile reflux problems…but also making them worse.

When I changed my approach to my own gut health, my own personal life, and more I started to see relief in a matter of a few short weeks.

And then shortly after that…I became pain free.

What I’d discovered was an approach that worked WITH my body in a natural way (no drugs or medications needed) to not only help resolve my painful bile reflux…but it also give my body a huge boost in overall health and resilience.

Why You’re STILL In Stuck In Pain (And How To Feel Better)…

The #1 reason why you’re still stuck in pain right now with bile reflux is because you’ve yet to make the right impact in the right areas in your own health. This is absolutely critical!

This goes much deeper than just eating right or taking acid medications.

If it were that easy, you wouldn’t be here reading this right now.

And I want to personally help you get better.

What I’ve done is put all the information, steps and my full “3-Legged Stool” approach to beating bile reflux (and acid reflux) into one digital online guide for you.

I’ve called it simply: The Bile Reflux Solution

The Bile Reflux Solution

Inside this guide I’ll show you exactly what I did to get better, what to do and not to do when you have bile reflux, and so much more.

The approach I’ve developed is not a “symptom based” approach that only tries to calm symptoms.

“My unique & natural approach is all about complete resolution and rapid healing.”

Here’s a Quick Sneak Peek at What You’ll Discover Inside My Guide…

  • A complete BREAKDOWN of the function of bile, the liver, gallbladder and more. The more you understand this at first, the better off you’ll be!
  • Discover HOW and WHY bile reflux occurs, as well as all the symptoms and problems it can cause in the body. Reflux issues and irritation is only the tip of the iceberg!
  • Find out why resolving bile reflux as soon as you can is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!
  • I’ll discuss the MAJOR FUTURE HEALTH ISSUES that can happen if you don’t end your bile reflux now!
  • I’ll explain why bile (which is actually alkaline) can create such a MASSIVE STORM of acid reflux in the stomach and esophagus…and how you can calm it down naturally!
  • Discover one possible HIDDEN CAUSE of bile reflux that you may be completely overlooking. In fact, it may be causing a multitude of health issues!
  • Use MY EASY 3-STEP PLAN to finally get to the heart of bile reflux and resolve it without medications or invasive procedures. These are the exact steps I used to heal myself!
  • I’ll reveal the unique supplement that can QUICKLY HEAL YOUR ENTIRE GI TRACT as well as easily “soak up” excess bile and improve your overall health. It’s been used for centuries with great success!
  • Say goodbye to the stress in your body that has been built up due to pain. I’ll show you this really unique method to “SHAKE OUT” subconscious stress from the deepest realms of your body. This alone can help impact your overall healing!
  • Find out one more unique method I USE EVERYDAY to completely relax my body from head to toe. This relaxation technique is a true Godsend and you’ll be amazed at how it helps improve your healing process with bile reflux!
  • Discover why stomach acid is actually GOOD FOR YOU, and find out how you can use “food combining” to help increase digestion with less bloating, gas and reflux issues! This changed my life! I’ll reveal my favorite resource as well!
  • I’ll reveal ANOTHER UNIQUE CAUSE of bile reflux that could be going on within your body, and it has nothing to do with the internal organs like the stomach, gall bladder or other organs. This was a real wake up call for me!

You have no idea how long I have waited for a simple and highly effective solution to my bile reflux!

“Thank you so much for your guide Kathy! You have no idea how long I have waited for a simple and highly effective solution to my bile reflux! It’s amazing that doctors seem to basically just rely on acid reflux pills to help this. It’s almost as if they just don’t want to deal with you. It can be a really depressing road. Anyway, I’m truly amazed at how well I’m doing now and I couldn’t have done it without your help, so thank you!”

  Donna R. Arizona, USA

Hey Kathy, I got your guide not too long ago and I’m beyond happy to say…IT WORKED!

“Hey Kathy, I got your guide not too long ago and I’m beyond happy to say…IT WORKED! Not only that, my whole digestion is feeling much more relaxed, no more bloating, and no more reflux of any kind. You have got to make sure other people with these issues read your guide!”

 James B.California, USA

“Doctor’s need to read what you have created!

“Kathy, I’m going to admit I wasn’t sure about getting your guide. I figured it would just be a bunch of general information similar to the info I’ve found through my doctor. But I was completely wrong. You really opened my eyes at a lot of things, and it really made a lot of sense to me. And sure enough, I’m happy to say I’m doing so much better! Doctor’s need to read what you have created!”

 Susan M.Colorado, USA

Here’s What You Need To Do Right Now…

You have one of two options you can make right now…

Option #1: You can continue to struggle with your pain, visit even more doctors, try more medications, or seek other alternative treatments.

Option #2: Or you can get instant access to The Bile Reflux Solution digital guide to help you finally beat your bile reflux…without medications, drugs, or expensive surgeries.

Remember, this is a proven solution that has worked for men and women of all ages, all backgrounds, all across the world.

It’s also something you can do in the comfort of your own home…putting YOU in charge of your health.

When you invest in The Bile Reflux Solution today, I’ll also give you the 4 exclusive bonus guides listed below as well.

Here are the 4 bonus digital guides you’ll also receive with your order for The Bile Reflux Solution digital guide below…

Exclusive Bonus Guide #1

Discover how to “Eat Clean” for easy digestion and more energy…and to feel better throughout your day!

This guide will reveal how you can vastly improve your own eating habits by making the transition to pure foods. Plus, you’ll discover the TOP 7 foods you need to include in your diet, and the TOP 5 foods you should eliminate from your diet right now! This easy-to-read guide will help you make the transition from unhealthy to healthy, and your gut and digestion will feel SO much better! PDF Report: 20 pages (A $20 Value)

Exclusive Bonus Guide #2

Find out how certain types of cultured foods can have on big impact on your digestion & reflux issues…

In this jam-packed report, I’ll go over exactly what fermented foods are, and WHY you should be including them into your diet. Discover the benefits of “Good” bacteria as well as the nutritional benefits of fermented food. These foods ACTUALLY TASTE GREAT and can greatly aid your own digestion while keeping you healthy at the same time! I’ll show the most powerful, and tasty, fermented foods you should be adding to your diet and why. In only a matter of days, your gut will start to improve and so will overall digestion issues! PDF Report: 27 pages (A $20 Value)

Ultimate Superfoods

Exclusive Bonus Guide #3

Don’t underestimate the real transformative power of simple “Superfoods” to heal your gut!

Did you know that eating a certain amount of “Superfoods” can totally transform not on the health of your gut, but your entire body from head to toe? In my new and exclusive bonus guide, I’ll cover many of the world’s greatest Superfoods that can make a tremendous impact on your health. Don’t worry, these foods also taste great, and most than likely…you may have a few of them in your kitchen cupboard right now! PDF Report: 53 pages (A $25 Value)

Exclusive Bonus Guide #4

One of the single greatest books ever written about the creation of optimal health and beating illness!

Did you know that some of the world’s greatest holistic healers, herbalists, and renegade medical doctors throughout the world perform miracles on a daily basis? Yes, it sounds a bit crazy, but it’s true. Thousands of people have come to these miracle doctors on a regular basis and are certain they are terminally ill…but many end up leaving with near perfect health. Now the amazing secrets of these miracle doctors are revealed in a complete step-by-step program that allows you to take back control of your health and well being. If you want to incorporate these health secrets into your life, now you can! PDF Book: 177 pages (A $25 Value)

Total Value of All 4 Bonus Guides: $90

Start Living Your Life The Way You Deserve…Minus The Pain!

When you considering all that you’ve gone through, the amount of money spent, the hours wasted not living the life you want…it all adds up pretty quickly.

I know I easily spent several thousand dollars over the course of many years trying to beat my bile reflux. None of it worked.

It wasn’t until I started following the steps I’ve outlined for you in The Bile Reflux Solution that I finally got better.

Remember, my #1 goal for you to is to finally get better.

I also don’t believe you should have to “break the bank” in order to get better either.

I realize that you’ve probably already wasted a lot of money on time on things that have not worked for you.

I understand. I’ve been there.

That’s why I’ve decided to give you INSTANT ACCESS to The Bile Reflux Solution and all 4 bonus guides for a one-time investment of only $24 (A total value over $100).

​Remember, I’ve put a lot of years of sacrifice and hard work to break myself free from bile reflux.

And beyond that, I’ve also put in a lot of time and effort not only writing and creating The Bile Reflux Solution for you, but also many of the bonus guides, etc.

Now I leave it up to you to decide what your health is really worth to you.

Here’s a quick reminder of all the guides you’ll get instant access to once you pay below…

  • The Bile Reflux Solution: How To Stop Bile Reflux & Gastritis Without Medications!
  • Eating Clean: Simple Eating Secrets For a Happy & Healthy Gut
  • The Magical Power of Fermented Foods For Perfect Digestion!
  • Ultimate Superfoods: A Quick Guide To The World’s Best Superfoods!
  • Lessons From The Miracle Doctors: A Step-By-Step Guide To Optimal Health

The Bile Reflux Solution

“Yes! I Want To Get Instant Access To The Bile Reflux Solution Digital Guide + The 4 Exclusive Bonus Guides For a One-Time Investment of Only $24

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“Don’t Forget About My No-Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee…”

One more thing, if you’re not satisfied with your purchase for ANY reason within 30 days, I’ll give you your money back. No Questions Asked. 100% Money Back Guaranteed!

I’m confident that if you use the methods and techniques I talk about in my guide, and stick with them for at least 2-3 weeks, you’ll start to see some lasting relief and final resolution.

Thank you for your time today, and I hope the information you discover in The Bile Reflux Solution finally sets you free from your own pain.

The key is to stay the course, and to be patient and good things should begin to happen for you. You CAN get well!

Cheers to your health!

P.S. Remember, The Bile Reflux Solution will show you the simple steps and the exact approach that I personally used to overcome years of chronic bile reflux and gastritis.

I’ve made the guide super easy to read, and it’s chock full of great tips that should not only help you, but also help you feel even healthier than you have in a long time!

Purchase Your Own Copy Here (With 4 Bonus Guides)

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