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About Kathy Stenson


Kathy Stenson is a avid health researcher and bile reflux survivor. This website was created out of the desire to give readers like yourself solid information on bile gastritis and reflux without all the nonsense…and created by a real person, not a medical company.

Many helpful websites today are built on certain areas of health but are so cluttered with junk that the reader only leaves and becomes more frustrated. Or they have so much information but no direction that a person or reader gets simply overwhelmed.

The goal of this site was simplicity with solid information that works. It’s as simple as that. Kathy knew from her past experiences with trying to beat bile reflux that a handy website would be great to own to help people who were searching the subject. She eventually beat her bile reflux not with medications, but with a slight change in her diet using the methods used in her exclusive digital guide, The Bile Reflux Solution.

Kathy currently lives in the wonderful state of Washington and loves to be active in healthy activities like yoga and running to balance out her work in the corporate world. Being fit, healthy and productive are her priorities among family life of course.

Enjoy this website and we hope it serves you well!



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